AZTEC FIRE - Statement necklace
AZTEC FIRE - Statement necklace

A few words about Aztec's culture.

We have all heard about Aztec’s culture. This mysterious and enigmatic Indian nation is known not only of its bravery but also of absolute and cruel approach towards prisoners. Religion played a major role in the Aztecs culture. They worshiped hundreds of gods and goddesses. They have built one of the greatest empire in history of civilization. Despite the fact that they are mostly known from the dark side they were remarkably talented sculptors, potters, painters and jewelers! They adorned the crafts with nacre, bird’s feathers, turquoise, silver, gold and even with a mosaics. Geometric, severe forms and expressive, monumental sculptures of Aztec deities in 100% reflect the character of the pre-Columbian civilization!


  • Magic and mesmerizing necklace entirely hand-crafted in wire wrapping technique.
  • Filigree triangle hides many wonderful datails!
    • You can find there a delicate silver mesh, geo ornamentation and sparkling Zircon.
    • Orange Zircon is a perfect match with gold tones of wires.
    • A silver half-moon was adorned with small Sapphire cabochon.
    • Pendant is hang on rectangle chain.
    • Oxidized and polished.


  • Materials: Sterling silver, argentium silver, fine silver (925,930,999), 14k Gold Filled
  • Gemstones: Orange zircon, Orange sapphire
  • Dimensions: Chain lenght - 56cm, Pendant lenght - 80mm Filigree triangle - 30x33mm

  • *Please remember
  • Usually I make my jewelry in a single copy.
  • Each piece is unique and one of the kind, made with attention to the smallest detail.
  • On special request I am designing only similar items.

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