How to properly take care of jewelry from Joanna Watracz studio?

Good advice: " Your jewelry should be the last thing you put on and the first thing you take off "

To keep your jewelry looking its best you have to remember about a few rules:

  1. 1). Jewelry with precious gemstones require a special care.
  2.       Avoid contact with chemicals. Applay lotions, creams, hair-spray and other cosmetics before dressing in jewelry.
  3.       Never spray perfume onto jewelry. The alcohol and acids in perfume will cause permament demage.
  4. 2). Precious metals don't like moisture.
  5.       Never wear jewelry while swimming or bathing.
  6.       Take off your pieces when doing physical work such as exercise, housekeeping or gardening.
  7. 3). It's important to keep your jewelry out of flowing air and humidity when not being worn.
  8.       Store it in dry and air - tight area, such as zip - lock bag, jewelry pouches or jewelry box.
  9. 4).  Tarnishing is caused by oxygen and moisture. Silver will tarnish over time and it's normal.
  10.       Silver needs to be cleaned ocasionally. Use a silver polishing cloth or cotton cloth and gently rub the silver.
  11.       Do it with care! This will remove the tarnish and dulness from your jewelry.
  12. 5).  Store away from heat and direct sunlight. Sun may fade the colour of some gemstones.
  13. 6).  Store each piece of jewelry separetly to avoid scratching and demaging.
  14. 7).  Take off all jewelry before bed. Never wear it while sleeping.